Social games dark underbelly revealed

Michael Arrington takes social game companies behind the woodshed.

UPDATE: 11/11/09 Interesting proposed solution to scams by As Risky As It Gets


UPDATE  11/4/09: Excellent VentureBeat follow up article with feedback on the issue from Slide and Playfish among others. Also, VentureBeat interviews Offerpal Media CEO Anu Shukla.

2nd UPDATE: George Garrick replaces Anu Shukla at Offerpal Media. Analysis by VentureBeat and TechCrunch and CNET

November 3rd Techcrunch article about a “Blueprint for Change” in the industry.

Arrington’s original “Scamville” article and lively discussion on TechCrunch

Follow up article about 2 companies that don’t scam…TechCrunch

Zynga provides general revenue breakdown numbers  here

Dennis Yu of BlitzLocal reveals tricks of the trade here

Offerpal provides direct responses to Arrington’s accusations on the Offerpal Media Blog

South Carolina News article about Facebook, Zynga, Offerpal from October

CNET analysis (including the now infamous video)

TechCrunch breakdown of how Zynga, Playfish and Playdom generate revenue

Summary of blog posts provided by “IT Blogwatch” on Computerworld

Amusing “scamville” game proposal by InventorSpot


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One response to “Social games dark underbelly revealed

  1. Good summary of the events that unfolded quickly last week. Funny that MySpace is missing from this conversation.

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